Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lollipop Diamond Launch party

This past Friday I had the opportunity to do some great networking with other business owners in Sicklerville, NJ at Lollipop Diamond Boutique. Lollipop is a traveling boutique that caters to the fashion forward; when you log on to Lollipop you will find a mixture of luxury apparel and fashion accessories. We will assist you in getting fashion conscious women polished for work, fabulous for your dinner date and sizzling for the weekends. Shop online for your fashion favorites or book a home show and share a great fashion experience with your friends. Here are a few pics of some the merchandise this wonderful boutique has to offer.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chai Tea Vintage x Vth Color

I've had the oppurtunity to work with one of my favorite bloggers, Cali Shabazz of owner of Chaiteavintage. Cali planned a 8 hrs photoshoot a few weeks back I help styled. The shoot included 1 hair stylist, 2 wardrobe stylist, 6 models, 2make up artist, & 2 photographers. I have always been a huge fan of fashion & have experience in styling but, this was a inspiration & learning experince. Owning a urban line i really don't touch too much of the vintage unless im shoppng for myself. So i put myself to the test by helping her style the whole shoot. learning more textures, plaids, material,style, & sizes. Here are a few pics from the shoot.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Passa Passa Philly

This past Saturday Passa Passa Philly was Classic!!! With well known Hotta Maestro. Maestro is known all over Japan, England, New York, Amsterdam, Phila.  & ect. With is raspy voice, comical entertainment and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNEERRGGY!!!!!!!!!!!! Zan Kartel, Dj Seggie, Richie Swagga, Golden Steal, Madd Danca & Tri-state Area Dance Hall Queen Crystal he manage to turn up di swagga at Festival

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Six Flags Reggae Concert Series

Besides the late start do to electric problems in the Park and ky-nami Marley as a no show! The Promoters of this event pulled off a Great reggae concert yesterday at Six Flags Great Adventures, with performance from Little Devyn Tyson, Wayne Wonder, Beres Hammond, & Anthony B. Also show Casing the 2011 Labor Day Parade Costumes in Brooklyn, NY Sep, 4th

Monday, August 1, 2011

"Kentucky" In Antigua

Joel "Hard Knaxx" Lewis Murders Recreation stage managing to win over the top Soca Artist in Antigua with his hit song. "KFC" The song says "If you want a gyal, kyah she to Kentucky/ If you need a gyal tek she to Kentucky. Ah could a bok bok bok bok bokaaark Kentucky "catchy aye!". His performance was based off of crowd participation, lyrics and overall performing and they the judges votes, he put on a hell of a performance. With running up 'CP" Claudette Peters and winner of the groovy session Tian winter with be Competing at the International Soca Monarch Competition in Trinidad & Tobago months coming.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Antigua Carnival 2011 (July 23rd - Aug 2nd)

For the past 54yrs the history of the festival you have to step back in time to 1 August 1834 when slavery was abolished. People immediately celebrated by taking to the streets to celebrate their freedom and express their joy and happiness. Over the years there was a return to this informal celebration until 1957 when the Old Time Christmas Festival, a festival of much culturally significance, was replaced in 1957 by a Trinidadian-inspired Carnival. The Antiguan Christmas Festival included several elements that have been adopted into the modern Carnival.
Christmas Festival traditions include both music and dance, especially related to masquerades and iron bands. The highland fling is a common Christmas Festival dance, also played in the modern Carnival, performed by people wearing Scottish kilts, masks made of wire and bearing whips of cowhide. Dancers wearing banana leaves and animal horns took part in the John Bull, while carolers paraded with long poles covered in lanterns, called carol trees, singing with accompaniment by the concertina. Stilt dancers in robes, called the Moko Jumbie, Jumpa-Ben or Long Ghosts, were also common, and were accompanied by kettle and bass drums, fife, triangle (cling-a-ching) and the boompipe, made from a plumbing joint one meter long.
There are several different musical forms featured during Carnival. Calypso, the oldest, has its roots in slavery; a common explanation of its origins is that it began as a way for slaves, who were forbidden to speak in the fields, to communicate with each other. It is a polyglot, improvisational form that depends largely upon the skill of a soloist, (the calypsonian) who weaves the sounds of many cultures into a lyrical whole. Calypso competitions have long been a highlight of Carnival.
Steel drum music was created when the bamboo percussion instruments traditionally used to back up calypso were replaced by hammered steel pans cut from oil drums. Whereas there is no dispute that the steel pan was developed in Trinidad, the indigenous development of the steel band in Antigua and Barbuda was an outgrowth of the iron bands which were prominent at Christmas time. Steel drum music has been an important part of Carnival since that time, and Antigua is home to many of the Caribbean's finest steel bands. Soca is a musical form that grafts the slower beat of American soul music to the upbeat tempos of calypso. Soca began in the 1970s, and by the middle of the 1980s it had become an integral feature of Carnival.

Jouvert celebrations are the true spirit of our freedom from emancipation. This celebration brings out the ultimate party atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else in the world but on the streets of St. John's, Antigua. It is a blend of steel pan music and jam bands playing the hottest music on demand. Jouvert is that ultimate event where the 'king of the road' or 'Road March' tune is selected. This is when you are urged to leave all your inhibitions at home and come out to fete and frolic, eat, drink and be merry while having and unforgettable Antiguan and Barbudan good time. 


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Iwer George Mash up Six Flags"Come to Meh"

Soca music was definitely on tap at Tempo Turns 4, with Trinidad native Iwer George. For over twenty years, his distinctive vocal style and unfailing ability to stir a crowd have shaken the foundations of Soca and Calypso, making him king of the dancehalls of Trinidad and Tobago. Born in Point Fortin, South Trinidad Iwer's career began at the age of 21. He exploded onto the scene in 1987 with the runaway favourite “Boom Boom Time,” which went on to place 2nd in Trinidad and Tobago’s Road March Competition, and later the same year he took home the coveted Nation Building Calypso award with “Times Hard, Hold Tight.” Since his controversial debut on the Soca music scene, he has been perhaps the most successful artiste of the Jump and Wave theme, with such hits as “Yes Iwer,” “Jump and Dunk,” “Ah Reading,” “Carnival Come Back Again,” “Gimme Ah Bligh” and “We Reach.” and continues to damage the stage at Tempo turns 6  with "Come To Meh"

TEMPO turns 6 @ Six Flags Great Adventures Soca Concert Series

On Saturday June 9th, 2011 at Six flags Great Adventure over 5000 people from the Caribbean Islands took over the New Jerseys Theme Park with this event. This Event is Planned every yr. by Carribeans well none: CCB International Inc & Tempo Networks Which Celebrates  its 6th yr.

Tempo Networks An 24 hr pan-Caribbean television channel broadcasting the music and culture of the Caribbean. Programming includes music videos, news, dramas, and documentaries addressing all aspects of Caribbean life. Musical genres broadcast include Reggae, Soca, Dancehall, Ska, Calypso, and Punta rock. Although programming is largely in English, TEMPO seeks to unite the English, Spanish, French, and Dutch cultures of the Caribbean into one Caribbean nation.

TEMPO was first launched by MTV Networks on November 30, 2005 under the ownership of MTV Networks and corporate parent Viacom. In 2007, Caribbean native Frederic Morton, Jr., Deputy General Council at Viacom bought out the channel, moving corporate headquarters to Newark, NJ in 2008.

It was the first network created to bring together the diverse cultures of the Caribbean. It serves additionally the large Caribbean community living outside of the region in the New York city metro area (NY/NJ/CT), Atlanta, Boston, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles, and Houston.
The station reaches over 3,000,000 viewers in the Caribbean via cable. It also streams live right here online 24/7/365.

CCB International Inc., is a not for profit corporation with full 501c(3) benefits, whose mission is to grant educational scholarships to students of Caribbean and African-American Heritage. Students in our community have demonstrated academic, extracurricular as well as leadership skills are actively recruited and considered. The spectrum of personnel of Caribbean-American Heritage includes a diverse population mix that includes Hispanic, African, Indian, Asian, and Caucasian origins.

As KES The Band, Iwer George, Aaron Fresh, Tallpree, Devyn Tyson, Lyrikal, Mr.Chucky, Patch, Rikki Jai, Benjai, Nadia Batson, Ziggy Ranking, and suprised Guest shaggy Mash up the stage while the carib family jump up, wine up, wave dem flag rag and fete.