Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No Days Off!

Wasssup yall, I havent been posting much lately because my laptop has a virus. Im sitting at working with a lilttle down time making an effort to reach out to those who look forward to my post. Even with no post I've still been working. I have a few projects coming up some of you guys might be interested in. In a few weeks my Family and I will be doing a fund raiser for the Juvenile Dietbetes walk Oct 1, 2011 Sponsoring a Young Lady by the name of Keri Browne . If any any one wants to make a contribution feel free to contact me via email. Also, researching how I can make more contributions and Volunteer to help other illnesses such as Cancer, Aids awareness, HIV and ect. So basically I've been on my NO DAYS OFF!! I should have my laptop back in time so I wont be gone for long. TTYL bloggers!!!

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