Monday, May 16, 2011

American Dreaming - Antigua Thoughts

This last weekend I realized how good life is going for me. I have people following my blog by the day, emails coming in for business opportunities, family and friends showing a lot of support. New friends, especially those I've met threw posting my blog via Facebook & Twitter. However, regardless of how good its going, I'm still working for more. I look at it like this! I'm 21, I have a satisfied full-time job, I have no kids, and attending school in a few months. What do I have to lose? Why now strive for goals I've had since I was 10-11 years old? Meeting new people, socializing, taking advice from ones older and some more experienced than me gives me drive. Drive to show I can do more with photos, fashion, my style, my creativity also Why I stand out, more importantly, why I give Antigua and the other Caribbean countries so much credit. I just feel like it's a respect issue. Having a background from Antigua, we get called Jamaicans and African because of the way we talk, dance, cook, and dress. It's like a stereotype, for example: When someone is hungry they say "I want some Jamaican food". Correction, Jamaicans aren't the only Island in the Caribbean that cook or eat oxtail. No disrespect, I just think people should be more cautious to one's religion and culture. If you have to do research feel free to do so, we are human we don't know everything. Ignorance is not knowing, don't be ignorant!

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