Monday, January 16, 2012

Cee Lo, Jamaica, & Blues

Sounds interesting right? I knowwwww :-)
Artist Cee Lo Green well known for his song "Crazy" sang by his group Gnarls Barkley is headlining The Jamaican Jazz and Blues Music Festival! The festival is going to be at the Trelawny Multipurpose Stadium on January 28, 2012. If I could go I definitely would. Can you imagine Cee Lo's amazing range and tone mixed with the colorful, and fun beats of the islands? It's gonna be an all around fun filled experience. 

Not only is Cee Lo performing but other amazing artists include the sexy, smooth voiced Shaggy and angelic singer Celine Dion. I think its a  great mixture of artists. I can only imagine how incredible the unsigned artists will be, who are also debuting. 

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