Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chai Tea Vintage

Cali shabazz is a 22 yr old blogger, freelance stylist /picture taker from Philadephia, also owner of Chai Tea Vintage. Me a Cali met a few months ago on facebook thru a Mutual friend Curran J. of Due to our busy schedules I had a chance to have a great conversation with Cali via email.

I found out cali is inspired by life! she finds inspiration in any and everything. From the internet down to a woman walking down the street. she says never limit herself, shes always exploring and trying to find new ways to improve herself and her company. Looking up to her grandmother. She says she was such a classy,elegant, and intelligent woman whose style that she has always admired. The way people reacted to her and how all eyes were on her when she walked in a room was simply amazing. she will carry on that legacy by being the strong woman she was but still not losing herself in someone else's shoes.

One Question i did ask Cali was, How did you come up with the Concept for C.T.V? She responded: I got the idea of starting an online boutique from my friend monica whilst on our way to NY one cooooold Saturday. I decided to sell vintage merchandise because, I have so much stuff from my grandmother and great grandmother that was passed down to me. I use to dress up in their jewelry and clothes and pretend I was this rich woman on 5th ave lol After wearing a few of their things out and about people started to compliment them. I looked into vintage stores and thought to myself "I can do this" So here I am today, so ready to launch this store.

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  1. These are some great pictures, she has skills. i love to see a black and white picture with color.