Wednesday, February 1, 2012

R.I.P Ms. Vanessa Banks

This I have be the saddest blog post I've ever done. Saturday I was discussing plans for Vth Color Clo. S/S Photo shoot and I was choosing and thinking of the best models I could use. Vanessa came to mind. Maybe I'll give her a call.... Yesterday I got the phone call .She is no longer with us...smh!  I met Vanessa in 2009 at Fashion Fixe Fashion Show. A fundraiser event for kids with autism. Vanessa was the most electrifying energized, sickest model I've ever seen with the biggest appetite. Being as though this was the first ever fashion I ever been in. Vanessa showed my he ropes on how to carry myself, how to walk, straight face, & act. She basically killed this fashions show being in EVERY scene smh...straight beast. She wasn’t just a mom; she was someone daughter, and a friend of many. This is a tragedy for all of us!  R.I.P Ms. Vanessa Banks....."Do Dat" 


To see more of Vanessa Banks Great work click Here

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  1. Yes that was both of our 1st show and she did show us the ropes lol i remember her telling me when i walk i bobble my head but i don't anymore..Thanks Vanessa<3