Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mary Ann's Daughter

Attending numerous events in the Philadelphia I have met quite few people. Standing out, personality, style just overall demeanor and the way you carry yourself.  This particular person stood out the most to me just not on one occasion. So I decided to schedule a sit down with this individual just so myself, bloggers, readers, stylists and designers could know more about her.

Meet Melissa “MEL” Edmonds, a Blogger(fashion goes there), Philanthropist, Designer and Owner/CEO of Mary Ann’s Daughter. Mary Ann is an accessory line based in the Urban Philadelphia Area and is taking off with a bang in the fashion industry. Mel started making accessories such as headbands, turbans and braided turbans. Not feeling creative enough, she decided to make muffs (hand warmers).

Mary Ann’s Daughter is a brand named inspired memory for the lost of her mother, a creative, loving, and giving person. She cared about her mother dearly. Living in her mother’s legacy, Mel gave away muffs during this winter to the homeless and less fortunate during the holiday seasons. On mother’s day, she offers pampering to mothers such as manicures, pedicures, facials and massages.

In the near future, Mel will be hosting her very own event. Since muffs are more of a winter accessory, during the summer months, Mel exercises her time as a wardrobe stylist. Becoming a better brand, Mel says that years to come she wants to accomplish selling muffs all year around to other states and countries. She also would like to build herself an empire throughout the tri-state area. With the motivation of pain from her mother’s loss, she gains inspiration through art, music and even small things such as the weather. She advises the youth to stay self-relevant, stand and to make themselves known.

There will be a men’s collecting starting soon called the “Edmonds Collection” incorporating more masculine materials such as plaid and leathers.

For Custom orders you can contact Mel through Email;

Outfit Description: Mel is rocking a few pieces from both H&M and Urban Outfitters & a full length Hand Muff

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