Wednesday, February 29, 2012

St. Paul Loves Jamaica

Independent Reggae Artist St. Paul, a/k/a Paul Antonio Allen was born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica.   From the young, impressionable age of 7, St. Paul’s path to his purpose had been unknowingly paved with music and the inspiration it brings.  From the healing groove of Bob Marley to the soothing, rhythmic beats and lyrics of Barrington Levy, St. Paul’s admiration for these artists fed his own hunger to make a difference and get a glimpse of his calling. 

  For the past few month I have been during research on more Caribbean music. I have come across someone that has been doing a hell of a job holding his ground. St.Paul is a independent artist from Georgia, Atl.

 In 2007 St. Paul decided to pursue his career by starting his own label SPMC, it was to help young and talented artist grow through their career. Paul has shared stages with the best  Shaggy, Elephant Man, Chino, Charlie Black, and Wayne Wonder, also has shared the front pg of Jamaica's Daily Observer with Morgan Freeman for his accomplishments of positivity in his music. 

In 2001 St.Paul released a number of singles, Savior of My Soul and My Life. Paul has took and impact on Caribbean and American radio this his song dedicated  to the families of Haiti who was hit by a massive earthquake. Another single that has taking Caribbean and American radios and Internet is "Love Jamaica". Love Jamaica has 800+  views Via YouTube within little time. If you were to meet St. Paul would leave you with the positive words "“music is one of the greatest elements of faith"

St. Paul Album listening is schedule party on March 24th for more info: here


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