Friday, January 13, 2012

Zan Kartel X Over Seas Style

Zan Kartel was born in Portmore JA. He started DJ'ing at 12 yrs old in Jamaica. From 12 Zan knew that he was a lover of all music. He started playing with his friend Carlos Bailey (RIP). The first sound system he ever played with was Black Stallion Sound. He then moved on to play with Priceless sound in 2003. In 2004 Zan enetered the state of Virginia still doing his thing as a solo selecta. Now Zan Kartel plays with one of the most energetic and rising sound Hard Drive. I recently met Kartel at Pass Passa Philly where he spinning W/ Selecta Hotta Maestro making it another classic event for philly caribbean nightlife. As Zan continues to spin the latest, Kartel, Popcaan, Lady Saw, Assasin & other artist be sure to check out his ethic, not as a dj but as a Manager to upcoming reggae artist in Jamaica.

Check out Zan Kartel latest event in Jersey featuring Dhq Crystal who was featured a few post post ago.

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