Monday, January 30, 2012

NO Ugg Boots Or Get the Boot

 So allegedly Uggs have become in a problem in the Pottstown School District. Its a known fact that students of the middle have been sneaking their cell phones and other electronic devices into school inside their shoes. With Pottstown having a NO CELL PHONE usage in school they have banned students form wearing Uggs. The students still have the to chance the where them  to school BUT the student must place them in their locker before class. John Armato director of communications says... 

"the problem isn't with the boots, per se, but with the contraband some kids are trying to sneak into the classroom"...""Any boot that either is not laced to the top, buckled to the top, or is by its very nature open at the top," he says.
That would include many types of rain boots and the popular "Uggs," a soft, fleece-lined suede boot.
"We have had a problem with youngsters concealing cell phones in their shoes," Armato explained to CBS Philly, "and during the classroom the cell phones are going off and being disruptive to a positive educational atmosphere."

My Opinion: I don't think its fare for them to banned cell phones i think the Pottstown Distrcit should use metal detectors for students each morning. Then they will be able to know who is sneaking there their cell phone with the punishment of a suspention or a confiscate til the end of the school day. 

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