Thursday, January 26, 2012

Philly Style Blogger

Good Day Bloggers,
                         Last night i had the chance to attend an event call "Philly Style Bloggers" Hosted my Farj Muhammad of STYLISH THOUGHT & Curran Swint of KINGS RULE TOGETHER. The event was to bring different bloggers, styles, & personalities into one room to connect. It was a jus a great experience to learn about other bloggers on how they got started and what made them started blogging. I also had had the chance to meet some of the faces behind some of the favorite blogs like FROM MY STYLE 2 URS,  FAME APPEAL, & MEN'S STYLE PRO just to name a few. Attending this event I've learn how to create more content, write better & ways to have my readers look forward to my next post. Its always an inspiring when you can meet people that keep the same interest as you, not event just fashion and style. like minded people period! So I give thanks to all who I connected with and hopefully we will again at the other events.

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