Wednesday, June 8, 2011

American Dreaming/ Antigua Thoughts ll (example)

Having a background from Antigua, we get called Jamaicans and African because of the way we talk, dance, cook, and dress. It's like a stereotype, for example: When someone is hungry they say "I want some Jamaican food". Correction, Jamaicans aren't the only Island in the Caribbean that cook or eat oxtail. No disrespect, I just think people should be more cautious to one's religion and culture. If you have to do research feel free to do so, we are human we don't know everything. Ignorance is not knowing, don't be ignorant!

I posted this in my Blog a few weeks ago about stereotype, racism, also discrimination. Reading my daily blog and emails I came across an interesting story that made me look at the fasion indrusty different. This story reminds me of Tommy Hilfiger doesnt want African Americans wearing his brand.

A former employee of the luxury fashion house of Gucci, Josephine Robinson has filed a $5 million dollar suit for discrimination. The former employee was relieved of her duties at the luxury fashion house for reporting that international superstar was paid less because she is “Caribbean”. Ms. Robinson the former employee stated numerous “racist comments and tasteless jokes” were directed at the international pop star. Josephine Robinson, worked on Rihanna’s contract for the 2008 campaign ran by the luxury fashion house.

According to court records filed, when it is discovered Rihanna was not from the US, she was instructed to “tax the hell out of her”. A scheme concocted to enable Gucci to retain 30% of her booking fees. Rihanna, a native of Barbados moved to the US at age 16 to embark upon a music career that has yielded the sale of 20 million albums, and 60 million singles. Ms. Robinson alleges that her former boss international tax counsel Stan, Sherwood was ordered Rihanna to be less because she is not a US citizen. Robinson, contends that Gucci is responsible for the racist behavior and is seeking punitive damages for “unfair treatment”.

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